(What is From the Field?  Check out the series welcome post to learn more!)  The post that follows is the last of this segment on the film Iron Jawed Angels.   Katja von Garnier’s 2004 film, Iron Jawed Angels illustrated the events of the 1920’s women’s suffrage movement, as well as the challenges they faced from an […]

  (What is From the Field?  Check out the series welcome post to learn more!) As depicted in Iron Jawed Angels, only a hundred years ago were women arrested and carried away by police simply for peacefully protesting for their right to vote. Now, one hundred years later, white women in the United States celebrate the anniversary […]

  (What is From the Field?  Read our series welcome post as well as the introduction to this spring’s segment to learn more!) The Suffragist Movement in the United States served as a huge victory for American women in the early 1900s. It became a symbol of the trials and tribulations that women had to […]

  (What is From the Field?  Check out the series welcome post to learn more!) Robin Lauermann, Professor of Politics This spring’s segment of From the Field features posts from students in the department’s Gender, Family and Politics course this past fall.  During the course, the students analyzed the film Iron Jawed Angels  in light of historical […]