(This post is the next in the segment Readings in Reconciliation and focuses on Adam Grant’s Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know.   Click to learn more about the segment and the series, From the Field. Note: this segment ran in the fall, but we have added some additional posts as a result of student […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) At the end of January, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a plan proposed for the redrawing of congressional district boundaries (redistricting), setting up for the state courts to rule.  Although the plan was generated by an expert in redistricting issues, some observers were concerned that it […]

(This post offers the a second student analysis of Twilight of Democracy. Click to learn more about the segment and the series, From the Field.) In a time where our government seeks to promote democracy across the world, Twilight of Democracy is a warning not to forget about protecting domestic democracy. In this book, author Anne Applebaum informs readers […]