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Robin Lauermann, Professor of Politics

This spring’s segment of From the Field features posts from students in the department’s Gender, Family and Politics course this past fall.  During the course, the students analyzed the film Iron Jawed Angels  in light of historical texts as well as socio-psychological theories and evidence.  The blogs featured in this segment distill findings from papers of students who presented on a panel at the university’s humanities symposium, which took place earlier this month.  The posts that follow in these next months cover a range of topics: the threat perceived by some members of society in granting the right to vote to women, the impact of the suffrage movement advancing white women’s rights rather than those of all, and the relevance of political protests from the movement to the contemporary Black Lives Matter movement.

In addition to viewing the film, you should visit this site, which puts the film in an even deeper historical context, created by former students at Utah State University!


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