(What is Tocqueville Capital?  Read the welcome post to learn more!)   In her widely-viewed TED Talk, “Color Blind or Color Brave?” Mellody Hobson raises a critical point of discussion related to the contemporary state of race in American society.  Hobson, chairwoman of Starbucks Corporation, questions whether people can address significant issues without talking about them.  The […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) In early February, reports surfaced that individuals who had served in the George W Bush administration left the Republican Party.  Although changes in party membership or registration can occur after elections, due to the reciprocal effect that electoral contexts have on party identification, the extent of […]

(What is Tocqueville Capital?  Read the welcome post to learn more!) On January 20th of this year, the nation anxiously watched the peaceful transfer of power, long a hallmark of democracy, after more than two months of heated claims of inaccurate presidential election outcomes, which culminated in a riot at the Capitol just two weeks […]