(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) (Note: The National Hockey League includes teams from the United States and Canada.  Canadian teams from the province of Quebec and their home facilities are known by the French versions of their name. The Buffalo Sabres, in their hometown abutting the US-Canadian border, also follow suit.) […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) In the 1994 midterm, the Republican Party won majorities in both houses of Congress with larger margins than most electoral models predicted.  The incoming majority had formed a united campaign front with its Contract with America, staking out clear stances from its Democratic opponents.  Yet, by […]

Before diving into the topic of this month’s edition, I wanted to share two important items. 1. If you are eligible and have not yet done so, register to vote.  Ballotpedia, a respected non-partisan resource, offers helpful information about how to register in your state. 2. Consult reputable resources to learn more about candidates and […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) This past spring, the coronavirus pandemic added a layer of difficulty for voters wishing to cast their ballots.  Already voters in Texas and other states have faced long lines in recent years, due to a decrease in the number of polling places. In April, Wisconsin voters […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) As I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking deeply about the events that have given rise to the most recent round of social justice protests — the deaths of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery most recent in a long line of others — […]

  “Dewey beats Truman!” This headline, from the 1948 election, has become a historical lesson on the potential dangers of polls.  In this case, due to the lack of a representative sample and the ability to determine whose vote was decided and would be cast, the results did not accurately reflect the intentions of the […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!)   1968. Civil unrest. The Vietnam War. That year made its mark in the history books, not only because of all of the issues roiling the political system along, sparking activity and reflecting distrust in the government but also because it culminated in a very bitter […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) The last Civic Mind post, which focused on the general nature of our political system – a democratic republic a.k.a. representative democracy – ended by highlighting the role of citizens in the process. Over the last couple of centuries, our opportunities for participating have increased constitutionally, […]

(What is Civic Mind?  Read our welcome post for the series!) Some conversations about the American system may seem like a scene from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon episode, the one in which Bugs and Daffy Duck, with Elmer Fudd looming nearby, argue over whether it is Rabbit Season or Duck Season.  Those in dispute trade […]

Welcome to the blog series Civic Mind, which focuses on unpacking the American political system to help citizens become better informed and more deliberative in their roles as participants in the political system.  The goal of this series, one of three that this blog will launch this year, is to unpack events, processes, and policies […]