The last Civic Mind post, which focused on the general nature of our political system – a democratic republic a.k.a. representative democracy – ended by highlighting the role of citizens in the process. Over the last couple of centuries, our opportunities for participating have increased constitutionally, legally and practically.  Often, our attention tends to […]

Some conversations about the American system may seem like a scene from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon episode, the one in which Bugs and Daffy Duck, with Elmer Fudd looming nearby, argue over whether it is Rabbit Season or Duck Season.  Those in dispute trade retorts without supporting their points, and in some cases without […]

Welcome to the blog series Civic Mind, which focuses on unpacking the American political system to help citizens become better informed and more deliberative in their roles as participants in the political system.  The goal of this series, one of three that this blog will launch this year, is to unpack events, processes, and policies […]