9/1/21 Wednesday EdTech Update!

Canvas icon with update bannerCanvas Update: Save Speedgrader Comments

Grading in speedgrader just got more efficient! You can now save, edit, and manage comments to re-use for student submissions. Check out the Comment Library in Speedgrader.

Note: This is separate from the rubric criterion comments function — you can save comments in rubric criteria but not edit or delete them, unfortunately.

Learn about Comment Library

Canvas Pro Tip iconCanvas Pro Tip: Avoid Periods in Filenames

File naming protocols are important within Canvas as they are in many other systems (ex. Microsoft Office365). Canvas reads anything after a period (.) as a filetype (e.g. .docx, .pdf, .jpg). When you put a period in the middle of a filename (e.g. “Ch. 1 PowerPoint”), Canvas cannot open the file.

The solution is to avoid periods (.) in filenames altogether. If you need special characters, stick to hyphens (-), underscores (_), or ampersands (&). Feel free to reach out if you need any help!

Respondus is No Longer Available

Respondus has been removed from our Canvas account and will no longer appear as an option in the left-hand navigation. We recommend checking out our FA20 Online Exam Resources page of the ITS Blog and our Online Quizzes/Exams page of the Instructional Design blog for evidence based practices for ensuring academic integrity in online settings .

Pop into instructional design office hours (see hours and locations) or request an appointment by emailing helpdesk@messiah.edu to to discuss options specific to your course.

Canvas Feature Request IconCanvas Feature Request: Multiple Due Dates (Checkpoints) for Discussions

Often when using online discussion forums, there is a due date for initial posts and a second one for replies. However, Canvas only allows for one due date for the discussion. This feature request would like to fix that. Please give the idea 5 stars today!

Note: You’ll need to first hit “Log in” in the upper right corner and use your Messiah credentials.

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