Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

by MU Instructional Designers
February 2, 2023
20-25 min read

Why UDL?

Another excellent perspective on why UDL is so important for an inclusive learning environment is that of Kevin Kelly’s “Fostering Inclusion with Universal Design for Learning.” Kevin Kelly is an instructor at San Francisco State University, and the article was published in the Association for American Colleges & Universities’ Diversity and Democracy quarterly publication. It provides a faculty perspective on the need for UDL in inclusive teaching and offers a few practical suggestions in a narrative format.

What is UDL?

After that video introduction, we recommend you explore two helpful websites:

CAST’s UDL Guidelines

CAST’s UDL Guidelines website is homebase for learning about the UDL guidelines, including more specific suggestions for strategies and checkpoints. If you click on the graphic organizer, you can navigate to specific details within the framework to increase your understanding and your implementation.

CAST’s UDL on Campus

For a stronger focus on higher ed in the UDL context, CAST’s UDL on Campus provides some great advice and information. The site provides strategies for a UDL-infused syllabus, for more accessible media/course materials, for executive functioning in fully online learning environments, and for many more topics.

If you’d like to learn more about UDL, you can check out our UDL annotated bibliography for further resources.