05/26/21 Wednesday EdTech Update!

Canvas Update:
New Assignment Type – Student Annotation

A new assignment type is available in Canvas: Student Annotation! For this assignment, students can annotate a file uploaded by you, the instructor. The annotated document is submitted as the student’s assignment submission.
To learn more, click on the link to the Create Online Assignment Tutorial below and scroll down to the Student Annotation section.

Create Online Assignment Tutorial

Screenshot showing "student annotation" option in online submission types

Canvas Update:
New Quizzes Now Has “Build” Button

Getting to the “Build” section in New Quizzes was a little confusing before, but Canvas heard our pleas and has now added the “Build” button directly to the Quiz editing screen. Check out the screenshot below:

screenshot of "build" button on editing screen for New Quizzes

Canvas Feature Request:
Partial Credit for Matching, Categorization, and Sorting question types in New Quizzes

One flaw in our New Quizzes tool is that students don’t get partial credit for matching, categorization, and sorting question types.

For example, if you have students match 10 terms to 10 definitions, and they get two of the terms mixed up, the whole matching question earns 0 points, rather than 80% of your point value for the 8 that they got correct

Let’s get Canvas to fix this! Please click on the link below and give the request a 5 star rating in the Canvas community.

Note: You’ll need to first hit “Log in” in the upper right corner and use your Messiah credentials.


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