02/22/23 Wednesday EdTech Update!

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Accessibility Alley:
Extended Time in Canvas Quizzes/Exams

If you have a student with an accommodation for extended time on exams, you’ll need to set that up in Canvas BEFORE the exam begins. This will likely be a two step process depending on your exam settings.

  1. Set a different (e.g. wider) availability window for the student(s) (Canvas tutorial)
  2. Extend the time limit for the student(s)
    1. Classic Quizzes Tutorial
    2. New Quizzes Tutorial 

Canvas icon with update bannerNew Canvas Shortcut:
Enter “MI” to Mark as Missing

You can now indicate that an assignment submission is missing from the Gradebook or Speedgrader. Just type the letters “MI” where the score goes to update the status to missing.

shows location in gradebook where MI is entered

Canvas icon with update bannerCanvas Update:
Updated Grade View for Students

Scores and feedback are now displayed more effectively for students. From their grades page, they will now see an indicator for unread feedback. Learn more in this ~2 minute video.

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