Dr. Robin Lauermann Two years ago, I visited Quito, Ecuador to conduct a site visit at a potential semester-long program partner for the college, in which our students could participate.  However, even though I traveled in my then role of administrator, I could not subdue the Latin Americanist within me as we toured our partner and […]

For the last several months, a large trophy has sat in front of our fireplace.  My husband bowls through a league set up by his last employer that allows current and former employees to compete; he has participated for over 20 years.  He currently serves as the secretary for “The Shots” who won the league […]

Welcome to the blog series Tocqueville Capital, which will connect the writings of a Frenchman who spent 9 months in America during the early 1800s to more current works in a variety of fields. Alexis De Tocqueville journeyed here as a means of gathering information from the just decades-old U.S. government, which offered a new […]