10/04/23 Wednesday EdTech Update!

international disability symbolAccessibility Alley:
Extended Time in Canvas Quizzes/Exams

If you have a student with an accommodation for extended time on exams, you’ll need to set that up in Canvas BEFORE the exam begins. This will likely be a two step process depending on your exam settings.

Canvas Tutorial

folder iconReminder:
Faculty Support and Resources in Canvas

Now that we’re approaching the midpoint of the fall semester, it might be a good idea to glance through the content in the Faculty Support & Resources Canvas course.

This semester, we reorganized the materials in this site to a chronological format based on your feedback in our spring 2023 surveys. Thank you all for your support!

Faculty Support and Resources Site

rocket shipDynamic Duo Discovery:
Microlectures and Active Learning

Your Dynamic Duo just read a fascinating article from the Educause Review, “Short and Sweet: The Educational Benefits of Microlectures and Active Learning” by Hua Zheng.

Check out the article for research-backed strategies to create effective and engaging lecture videos!

Read the Article


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