02/24/21 Wednesday EdTech Update!

Canvas Update: New User Tutorials

You may have noticed that Canvas now provides new tutorials for making the most of your Canvas! The information appears on a side panel that shows up on top of your screen. This function can be turned on and off as you need it.

Canvas Pro Tip: Remove Color Overlay on Course Cards

If you’re a fan of setting images for your course cards, you may have found that the automatic color overlay impacts the image’s appearance. Did you know that you can turn those color overlays off? Simply go to the three dots in the upper right corner of your dashboard and un-check the “Color Overlay” option. Enjoy!

Canvas Feature Request: Make the Course List Sortable

Does searching for past courses in your course list drive you crazy? It does for us! Rate this feature request to make your course lists sortable to let Canvas know how we feel.

Note: You’ll need to first hit “Log in” in the upper right corner and use your Messiah credentials, then you can give the idea a 5 star rating.

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