Today’s spotlight is on Olivia Mingora, our Garden Coordinator.
Olivia’s Role in the office: “I am the Garden Coordinator in the office. This means I am responsible for anything that goes on with the garden. I am in charge of the seed order for the summer, creating the planting plan, organizing service day, and developing any projects that need to be worked on in this upcoming season. Also, my job requires me to work here over the summer and be part of the summer garden team. I love working in the garden and I love that I now am able to do more things behind the scenes.”
Olivia’s Fun Facts: “A fun fact about me is that I LOVE sauce! Food isn’t good unless you have sauce to dip it in. I studied abroad in Rwanda Fall of 2015 and I play on Messiah’s Ultimate Frisbee team.”
Olivia’s Favorite Food: “I really like potatoes in any form!”
Olivia’s Office Goals: “One goal I have for the office is to have a successful summer of production in the garden. Last year we had some issues with different pests, so some of our crops failed. I also want people to become more aware of the garden and its role on our campus.”
Olivia with a little boy in Rwanda

Olivia with a little boy in Rwanda

Make sure to say hi to Olivia in the office and stop by the garden to check out all of her hardwork!

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