Food for Thought (5/3/16)

Congratulations everyone! Today is the last day of classes! The office would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who participated in our events throughout the year or who purchased any of our produce! We love to have your involvement, so make sure to come back next year (unless, of course, you are graduating)! The […]

Food for Thought (4/26/16)

The school year is winding down which means summer is almost here! It’s fairly easy to be sustainable at school. We have water fountains and recycling bins everywhere, our food is prepared for us so we don’t have the opportunity to buy local/organic, and we don’t have much control of the heating/cooling in the buildings. […]

Food for Thought (4/25/16)

Congratulations to Christina McIntyre for receiving the Fulbright Scholarship Award! Christina is a double major in Politics and Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Urban and Community Development. When asked about her award Christina said “I’m honored to receive a Fulbright scholarship to study in Canada. Over the next year, I will complete a Master’s […]

Weekly Update!!!

Service Day was a great success! We are really grateful for everyone who came to help out! Our chickens have a newly renovated coop and they could not be happier. Our garden team is beaming since we prepped the gardens for the summer! Here’s a recap of what we did on Service Day 2016: Upper […]

Food for Thought (4/7/16)

Do you have a bike that could use some TLC? Bring it down to our Bike Shop, tonight from 7-9 PM outside of the Office of Sustainability! Tobias Nordlund and the bike shop team will take a look at them! The Bike Shop is also a recognized club now! If you are at all interested in […]

Food for Thought (4/5/16)

Who is primarily responsible for the water crisis in Flint? That’s a tough question, especially if you aren’t aware of the crisis that is happening in Flint, Michigan. Here is a recap of what has happened and what is happening in Flint… According to the US Census Bureau, Flint is a city of about 99,000 […]

Weekly Update!!!

It’s already April 4th and that means Service Day is in 10 days! Service Day is Thursday, April 14th. Currently, we need 3 more volunteers to help out with various garden projects. These projects include fixing the chicken run (we have some chicken escape artists!), building raised garden boxes, mulching the upper garden, and more! […]

Food for Thought (3/31/16)

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! We’ve all heard that phrase, but you may not know that there is a reason that recycling is put last in that order. It is better to reduce the amount of plastic that you use first, then reuse the plastic that you can’t seem to get rid of, and then finally recycle the […]

Food for Thought (3/29/16)

Happy Easter! Although, Easter brunch is over you can still purchase eggs for $3/dozen in the office! We are starting weekly egg sales every Tuesday and Thursday during office hours, usually 8:30-1:45 PM. According to the Green American, “By getting eggs from your own chickens, you avoid supporting industrial farms that produce the majority of […]

Food for Thought (3/22/16)

  I am now the proud owner of reusable glass straws! Recently, I learned that it takes 700 YEARS for a plastic straw to degrade. I also watched a heart wrenching video featuring a sea turtle that had gotten a plastic straw stuck in one of its nostrils. I spent the whole time holding my […]