Food for Thought (3/31/16)

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! We’ve all heard that phrase, but you may not know that there is a reason that recycling is put last in that order. It is better to reduce the amount of plastic that you use first, then reuse the plastic that you can’t seem to get rid of, and then finally recycle the […]

Food for Thought (3/29/16)

Happy Easter! Although, Easter brunch is over you can still purchase eggs for $3/dozen in the office! We are starting weekly egg sales every Tuesday and Thursday during office hours, usually 8:30-1:45 PM. According to the Green American, “By getting eggs from your own chickens, you avoid supporting industrial farms that produce the majority of […]

Food for Thought (3/22/16)

  I am now the proud owner of reusable glass straws! Recently, I learned that it takes 700 YEARS for a plastic straw to degrade. I also watched a heart wrenching video featuring a sea turtle that had gotten a plastic straw stuck in one of its nostrils. I spent the whole time holding my […]

Food for Thought (3/17/16)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! We don’t usually think of St. Patrick’s Day as a time to celebrate the green planet we live on. St. Patrick’s Day is associated with parades and parties, noise makers and green necklaces, so why not have a party for this wonderful green world? On a day to celebrate all […]

Food for Thought (3/16/16)

ZIPCAR IS HERE! As you may be aware, Zipcar has come to Messiah! For those of you who don’t know, Zipcar is a car sharing company. You sign up for a yearly membership with a one time fee of $15. Once your membership is approved you reserve the car and pay a fee as low […]


The last spotlight in this series is on our Director of Sustainability, Brandon Hoover. I asked Brandon for a short bio on his role in the office, a fun fact, his favorite food and his goals for the office. Here is his response… “My motto for work and service is that redemption is participatory, and […]


Today’s spotlight is on Olivia Mingora, our Garden Coordinator. Olivia’s Role in the office: “I am the Garden Coordinator in the office. This means I am responsible for anything that goes on with the garden. I am in charge of the seed order for the summer, creating the planting plan, organizing service day, and developing […]

Weekly Update!!!

Here are some things to look forward to after Spring Break! -March 29: Our Garden Coordinator, Olivia’s, 21st birthday! -April 14: Service Day -April 18-22: SGA’s Sustainability Week -April 22: EARTH DAY!! -April 29: Arbor Day


Today’s featured team member is Ian Frederick! Ian is a Compost Worker and his goal for the office is to “expand the compost efforts so that as much compostable waste as possible gets properly composted. This would include providing more compost drop-off site and informing students about how and where to properly dispose of compostable […]


Today’s spotlight is Lyndsay Feather! Lyndsay is the Student Sustainability Coordinator – “In my role I get to work closely with Brandon to manage all the different projects of the office. This year I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of really cool things, like helping to coordinate a variety of events, working on […]