Access to the Archives: End of Summer

As the summer is winding down, we here at the Boyer Archives are still scanning all the chapter manuscripts from the Carnegie Foundation publication Scholarship Reconsidered. Once the students return to Messiah College and our lovely work-study students are back in the archives all seven boxes full of the manuscripts will be available online soon!

Image: word cloud of Ernest L. Boyer’s speech “Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate.”

Access to the Archives: Scholarship Reconsidered

Want to know what we’re currently working on in the Boyer Archives?  These seven boxes contain the countless manuscripts and final printing proofs of the Carnegie Foundation Report, Scholarship Reconsidered.  Each box is in a different stage of the cataloging and digitizing process and will be available to researchers online soon.  So, if you’re interested in reading the very first version of this report and then the final version – stay tuned!

Scholarship Takes Time

In 1990, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, with Ernest L. Boyer at the helm, published Scholarship Reconsidered.  The book challenged the traditional teaching v. research model for university professors and offered ways to widen the general understanding of scholarship throughout the world of higher education.

Ever wonder the effort it takes to publish such an esteemed report? Consider this: the Boyer Archives has 120 versions of chapter 1 (“Scholarship over Time”) alone! It seems the popular saying that there is no great writing – only great rewriting rings true.

Read the very first manuscript of chapter 1 here.  And then check out the final proofed version of “Scholarship over Time” here.  Notice the changes?