Food for Thought (2/17/16)

“…A relationship with God’s creation and a ministry of caring for and healing the earth are integral to what it means to be a Christian…” (United Methodists, Caretakers of God’s Creation

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a caretaker as “one that gives physical or emotional care and support.” Usually, when we talk about someone being a caretaker, we are speaking about someone who looks over our children. Nowadays, when parents are away they will hire a caretaker to watch their children.

A caretaker should be trustworthy and responsible. Would you want someone you trusted with your children to abuse them? No one wants that; God doesn’t want that either. The Lord has entrusted us to be caretakers of His children and creation, but right now we aren’t doing a very good job. Perhaps, if we started thinking of the planet and the creatures that inhabit it as children, rather than resources to exploit and abuse I think we will become better caretakers. Some food for thought…

How can you become a better caretaker? Can you make some lifestyle changes to improve the well-being of the planet you’ve been called to care for?

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