Food for Thought (3/22/16)


I am now the proud owner of reusable glass straws!

Recently, I learned that it takes 700 YEARS for a plastic straw to degrade. I also watched a heart wrenching video featuring a sea turtle that had gotten a plastic straw stuck in one of its nostrils. I spent the whole time holding my own nose and imagining the pain that turtle felt as several scientists attempted to remove the obstruction. This topic has been weighing on my heart for several days so I wanted to share it with all of you…

500 MILLION plastic straws are used and disposed of DAILY in the USA alone. These straws end up in our oceans, on our beaches, in landfills, in parks, and some will be eaten by an unsuspecting animal. Plastic does not break down in the stomachs of birds and other animals that consume it so they think they are always full and end up starving to death. Therefore, reusable straws are probably one of the best purchases you can make.

I have done some research on the types of reusable straws that are available. You can buy silicone, stainless steel, glass, or hard plastic (although the last option is not preferable). These straws come in many sizes and widths to accommodate all of your drinking needs. The straws I purchased are put out by a company called, Hummingbird. These eco-friendly straws are made in the USA and are guaranteed for life. I purchased mine off Amazon, but you should visit their website,, to see all of the great products they have. I bought a 4-pack of 10″ by 9.5mm bent straws for $14.99. So far I am really enjoying them and am really excited to not be using the plastic ones anymore.

I strongly encourage you to look into getting reusable straws for yourself and cutting out the plastic straws that are polluting our environment!

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