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Welcome. My dream for this blog is that it might educate and inspire you, make you feel slightly uncomfortable with the way things are while also offering hope for change, and once every so often make you chuckle a bit. A daunting task…but I had a kale smoothie today so I am ready to take on the world!

My friends and I throw the word “sustainable” around a lot. Oh, you’re refilling your Nalgene? So sustainable! Wow, look at you composting that banana peel, sooo sustainable!

If you go to Messiah College, you’ve probably heard the word “sustainability”, but what does it actually mean?

In reality, the term “sustainability” refers to much more than recycling or carrying your reusable bags to Giant. We tend to equate sustainability with environmental friendliess, but there are actually three facets of sustainability, often called “the three pillars” or the “triple bottom line”. Holistic sustainability considers social and environmental and economic factors.

Throughout this fall, I will further unpack and define the three pillars; show Messiah’s vision for sustainability and we’re doing about it; and offer simple ways for you to participate and join the movement. And if you don’t continue reading for any other reason, let me offer this incentive: often, living an intentionally sustainable lifestyle can save you a few bucks–and we all would welcome that, am I right?

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P.S.-here is a pic of me harvesting cherry tomatoes, just so you can put a face to my words. Also, our cherry tomatoes are DELISH so come snag some at the farm stand: Tuesday (Sept 22nd) after chapel in Eisenhower commons outside the Falcon. Veggies for dayzz! (But actually, veggies only for one day because that’s our only farm stand this week FYI). See ya there!

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