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Through invaluable relationships, mentors give back to the next generation

Monday, February 24th, 2014

According to information gathered by the White House for National Mentoring Month in January, 77 percent of businesses with formal mentoring programs have increased employee retention rates. Personnel who participate say the relationships that are formed motivate them to do their best. Mentorship, however, expands beyond the workplace. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for the mentors who give their time and for the mentees who receive the generosity.

“Be a mentor, have a mentor,” Jim Krimmel, Messiah College’s professor of accounting, said. “At any stage of life there should always be someone we can look to for advice and always someone we can mentor.” (more…)

Into the City: A Taste of the Big Apple

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Group poses with Today's Show Meredith Vieirea

One of the most prominent characteristics of a city is its diversity. From people, to landmarks, to opportunities, to challenges; each city promises an exhilarating adventure for tourists and residents alike. Recently, 20 Messiah students jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of real-life in New York City.

Students and leaders from the College left early on April 8 for a two-day networking trip organized by the Career Center with help from the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations and the Development Office. The trip’s focus was to give students a chance to learn from and network with Messiah alumni and business leaders, while also experiencing what life is like in the city.


Messiah students and grads ‘hit the road’

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Hit the Road in DCThis is the third summer for the award-winning “Hit the Road” program, a life exploratory effort sponsored by Messiah College’s Career Center to give current students and new grads a chance to see America first-hand, investigate new career opportunities, interview individuals engaged in a variety of endeavors, experience the Christian life lived out, and sample drive-thru food on a nationwide scale. (more…)