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Night Razors “scooter gang” hopes to break a world record

They ride by night. They are lightning fast and throw caution to the wind with every 1 a.m. trip to Sheetz they brave. They are selflessly using their new-found passion to raise money for an incredible organization. They are the Night Razors.

The Night Razors is a group of 25 first-year students who turned a moment of childhood nostalgia at Walmart into a successful fundraising cause for a worthy organization close to their hearts.

First-year students Ben Baker, Jason Yoder, Forrest Evans, Shaun Egolf, Kyle Talbert and Jeremy White started a trend amongst their friends after buying Razor scooters at Walmart and flaunting them around campus. The six founders, now called the OG6, accrued quite a following and soon formed a “scooter gang,” the Night Razors. Co-founder Yoder says, “The idea to ride scooters around campus occurred in a state of childish nostalgia. In its beginning, we just wanted a cathartic release from stress in the form of goofing off, and scooters just so happen to fit the criteria. We were blind to the fact that it could progress as far as it has.”

After daring middle-of-the-night adventures to Sheetz and Walmart, the Night Razors decided to pursue a more “epic” adventure, finally deciding on the most epic adventure of all—the pursuit of a world record. In the words of Baker, “We decided to go for it. Why not try to break a world record for the longest scooter ride and have some fun, just to try it!” The Guinness World Records accepted their endeavor and informed the Night Razors that a group of Australian farmers currently held the world record for scooting 336.11 miles in 1980.

After the Night Razors tweeted about the record, Razor scooter saw the tweet and contacted them directly, asking if they could do anything to help. The boys now have new Razor scooters and will be receiving jerseys for their ride.

The Guinness World Record’s application asks if the attempt is for charity, which sparked the Night Razor’s to use the record as a fundraising platform. The boys chose the Living Legacy of Maryland Foundation, an organization that helps people who are undergoing organ and tissue transplants and counsels families of both patients and donors. Baker received a liver transplant from Johns Hopkins Hospital two years ago and the Living Legacy Foundation reached out to him following his surgery, offering funds and counseling to him and his family.

The Living Legacy Foundation also invited Baker to their annual 5K Fun Run last year, where he met his donor’s family. Baker says, “Attending the 5K and seeing all the families the Living Legacy affected made it clear to me that if we were going to support any foundation for our ride, this was the one.”

The Night Razors will attempt to break the world record between 10 a.m. May 17 and 10 a.m. May 18 at the nearby Yellow Breeches Sports Center in New Cumberland. They’ll strive to scoot more than 336.11 miles in 24 hours.

The group has raised $4,300 (as of April 23), with donors such as Messiah College alumni and people from the community. Baker says, “It will be really neat when we send the money to the foundation … People need to know that it’s not all about us breaking the record. What truly matters at the end of the day is that we raised money for a really great cause and that it will help someone.”

Story by Katie Johnston ’15. Photograph courtesy of the Carlisle Sentinel.

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