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Resting place

Mary (Walters) Ebersole recalls an unexpected turning point in her education in 1957.

When the Russians successfully launched Sputnik into orbit on October 4 of that year, Ebersole remembers her teacher telling her class, “We just have to keep up with the Russians!” This mindset was widespread and framed education as a competitive practice as much as a learning opportunity.

By the time Ebersole came to Messiah College in the mid-1960s, the country was fully engaged in the Vietnam War. But, even amongst national turmoil, Ebersole recalls finding a “resting place” at Messiah.

Listen Up! as Rebecca (Ebersole) Kasparek `96 and Mary (Walters) Ebersole `68 talk about life at Messiah College in the 1960s.

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