Greek Adventures

Every since I was probably eleven years old I’ve wanted to visit Greece. My interest in the country was sparked by the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (cliche, I know). When I heard of the opportunity to go with Messiah College, I had no idea of the rich culture and history that I was to immerse myself in during my three-week stay. If I’m being honest, history has always somewhat bored me. I’ve always found myself wondering why I needed to know “useless” information and when I would be able to apply it to my life. You see, I am a very practical person. I like to explore things that I can use to grow in my personal life and my future. History was never something that sparked my interest. However, during this trip I was amazed by the ancient history that I explored and how applicable it was to my life.

You see, the apostle  Paul is probably my second (to Jesus) favorite character in the Bible. His life was a true legacy and an inspiration to all Christians desiring to please the Father. Being able to walk where he walked, and see the same scenery gave me a deeper appreciation for the Word of God because I was able to see these biblical places up close and personal.


Being immersed in the rich Biblical history of Paul’s life, I was reminded on numerous occasions of Paul’s sacrificial love for the Lord and the price that he paid to please God. His faith was steadfast. I was challenged and convicted in my own personal life to stand up for Christ and be bold in my sacrificial love for other people whilst showing them Christ’s love for them.

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Through this trip, I have been able to grow deeper in my understanding of the Lord and His purpose for my life. I felt the Lord in a way that I had never felt Him before. I was able to grow in my knowledge about Christianity around the world, particularly Orthodox Christianity. I was able to witness the passion the Christians in Greece have for the Lord and that is something that I will take with me for years to come.

My goals in going on this trip were to grow in my understanding of Greek culture, understand how Greek individuals make a living and educate themselves, and how their communities interacted with each other differently than those in the United States. I would say that in the three weeks that I was visiting this country I accomplished my goals. Not only did I accomplish my goals, but I have grown a passion for the country and it’s people.






Greece will forever have a piece of my heart and I really hope to return one day.

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