2012 Team

In the Fall of 2011 Messiah College sent two teams to Shippensburg to compete in the Regional Contest. The Falcons Blue team solved four problems, earning FIRST place among the 23 teams competing at Shippensburg, and THIRD place among the 168 teams of the Midatlantic region.

Michael Adams

My name is Michael Adams. I am a junior majoring in Computer & Information Sciences with a Computer Science concentration and I’m minoring in Mathematics.

When I graduate, I want to work with either web or software development. I’ve already been preparing for a career in web development by creating a website for a Messiah College campus club and by editing websites during my internship this past summer at Hershey Medical Center. One of the websites I created can be found at this URL: http://firstbabystudy.psu.edu/.

Zachary Felix

My name is Zachary Felix. I am a first year student majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science and statistics. I am also planning on pursuing a minor or double major in philosophy.

When I graduate I plan to go to graduate school for mathematics or statistics, and then search for a job that combines both of those fields with computer programming, because I enjoy both mathematics and writing computer programs.

Anthony Spargo

My name is Anthony Spargo and I am a junior Computer Information Sciences major with concentrations in Computer Science and Software Development, as well as minors in Philosophy and Math.

Choosing a major was difficult for me because I have a very wide range of interests including languages, which is why I will be taking two Chinese courses next year.

When I graduate I can see myself working in any number of fields including Software Development and/or Web Design and in any number of applications like defense, industry, or finance. I love programming and solving puzzles, so I enjoy any opportunity to do so.

In the News

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