Updated contest results put Falcons 1st overall!

The regional judges of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Programming Contest have posted a new “final” scoreboard for the contest, and the new scoreboard puts Messiah College Falcons-1 team in FIRST PLACE overall! Congratulations to Zach, Nathan, and Marcus on this fantastic update!

As mentioned in the last post, this contest was a large multiple-states contest with 60 schools represented. And Messiah College’s team did very well, but there was some question as to the final result because the judging system broke down with 19 minutes remaining in the contest. The judges promised they would try to recover the submissions made during those final minutes, but we had little hope of those final submissions changing the overall result. Well, here’s what the head judge communicated to us this morning:

“Over the subsequent days, our Regional Systems Administrator, Andrew Ray, worked closely with the PC^2 development team to recover the un-judged submissions from the various snapshots and redundancies in the PC^2 databases. We were ultimately able to [recover] 115 such submissions. We believe that these represent all of the submissions for which teams received a run confirmation receipt after clicking the submit button. It is possible that some teams attempted to submit after I ended the contest, or during periods when the server was down, but these would not have received a confirmation receipt. I have judged all of the recovered runs.   Those that were correct are reflected in the results shown above.”

With our team’s placement in 1st place, we are almost guaranteed an invite to the world finals, held this upcoming May in Morocco. This is a great opportunity for the three students on this team, and for Messiah College to be represented among these elite schools.

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