Falcons 1 wins ICPC site regional at Shippensburg

On Saturday, November 1, 2014, nine students traveled to Shippensburg University to take part in the 2014 ACM Mid-Atlantic Regional Programming Contest. There were 24 teams from 9 different schools. Messiah’s first team, Falcons 1 (Nathan Chaney, Zachary Felix, and Marcus Upton) solved three of the eight problems, taking first place. The problem set was very difficult, with only seven teams solving any problems at all. Falcons 2 (Dan Baker, Taran King, and Yacoub Seyni) and Falcons 3 (Andrew Cameron, Steven Nicolais, and Kelly Schwiker) were among the 17 teams unable to solve any of the problems.

Falcons 1- Marcus Upton, Zachary Felix, Nathan Chaney

Among Messiah’s opponents were Dickinson College, Lebanon Valley College, Millersville University,¬†Penn State Harrisburg, Shippensburg University and¬†Swarthmore College. Special thanks to the Shippensburg University faculty and staff that helped run the contest at their site.

Falcons 3- Steven Nicolais, Kelly Schwiker, Andrew Cameron

Falcons 2- Dan Baker, Taran King, Yacoub Seyni

The contest was part of a larger, multi-state contest hosted by Radford University, with 188 teams from 60 schools competing. Among the large contest, our Falcons 1 team scored FOURTH place, which is really an incredible result, beating out some strong schools such as University of North Caroina, Duke, and Georgetown University. Our result may have been even better, but unfortunately submissions made in the last 19 minutes of the contest could not be judged due to technical problems at the remote judging site. Falcons 1 made multiple submissions during that time; if any of them had proved correct then Falcons 1 may have placed higher. Unfortunately, Radford University reports very low expectations of being able to fairly reconstruct the results.

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