Eighth Day – Icing on the cake

June 19th, 2021

Spending time with Dr. Patton today was the icing on the cake. We met him at a public library in Nashville where the setting of the place I was seated at was like a lunch counter that the sit-ins would have been like.

As soon as he started talking to us I knew we were in for a treat. He started by already quizzing us on the whole trip on this that we have already seen that we should have known. We were not as smooth as we were supposed to be.

I think I mentioned on the blog before this that I had no clue that Nashville had a rich history like that. Dr. King even visited Nashville not to protest or anything but to admire the beautiful work that they have been doing.

He taught us the power of coming together in one accord to fight for a common goal. Children came together to go fight for justice because their parents were at work and the parents were the main ones that provided for the family. I applaud this because it shows the power of coming together.

Not only did Dr. Patton teach us about the history of the movement but he taught us how we should always protest peacefully and manners.

What I mean about that is, Dr. Patton spoke on how as humans if we fight fire with fire then there is no solution in the fight. But to fight the fight with what we see on the bible which is being strong courageous, brave, and do what Jesus would’ve done.

The icing on the cake. I enjoyed our time with him, even learned the rotation of food on the table.

Nathan Ncube

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