A Poem

June 20th, 2021

The sun doesn’t shine.
Not on us
Not on my skin
That’s not my heartbeat I hear
I heard

Your story, though.
Can it be mine?
Yours truly,
My sun doesn’t shine

A thunderstorm, I presume. I’m not blinking
I’m thinking I can’t couldn’t wasn’t
Yeah, I’m young…It’s dim something flickered; flicker

Rushing stream or rainy sky. What sound?
Music either way
Won’t turn me around

That’s not your shoe.
The roads are parched; But the church sang
But no sun                        when you were lost
A cry.

And your star, your north star.
It doesn’t shine
It sparkles; it twinkles
Where was I. Where were you.

There are many more stars in the night sky.


Jon Sison