They Deserve the World

June 17th, 2018

Rosa Parks Fence

The Rosa Parks Museum showed the courage that it takes to stand up, or sit down, for what you believe in.  Many stories depict Rosa as a frail woman who did not give up her seat because she was too tired.  The only thing Rosa was tired of was being treated as a minority, not worthy of equal treatment.  She was not a passive woman who accidentally sat down despite being told to move, she was a social activist who fought for what she deserved.  When the bus driver told her that she would be arrested, she responded, “You may do that.”  These words show that Rosa was protesting and that she was doing so in a polite and non-violent manner.  This takes true courage.  Following the museum was an art gallery that contained a collection of works entitled “Broken Glass.”  These works used art and raw materials to depict current social issues.  The thought and emotion put into each piece was astounding and I couldn’t help but tear up thinking about the people currently facing each struggle.  Above is the piece of art that struck me as the most complex and emotional, I cannot put all of its significance into words.  In the gallery there was an adorable young, African-American girl.  She sat in a stroller with a big smile on her face and stared at me as I talked to her.  Looking at her bright, cute face made me so happy and so sad all at once.  Here in front of me sat an unjaded, beautiful child who has yet to face oppression and mistreatment, she was beaming.  But she won’t have the chance to maintain this innocence.  This child deserves the world and yet she will likely face hatred that should have been eradicated long ago: hatred for being a woman, for being black, for being young, or for many other reasons.  How can we let division and politics serve as a barrier between this young girl and the perfect world she deserves?  ALL of God’s children deserve the world and I pray that some radical change would occur that allows a real equal opportunity for every single child of God.

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