Grabbing the Rope

June 17th, 2018

Today we visited the Albany Civil Rights Institute.  This was a humbling experience as the museum depicts the names and faces of many civil rights activists and the harsh consequences of their efforts.  These people were treated deplorably simply because they fought to receive the treatment they deserved, to be treated like a human.  Our history classes only teach us so much and act as if the story is finished, but this trip has opened my eyes to the continuous struggles many Americans face today.  Following our tour of the museum, we were lead in freedom songs by the fantastic Rutha Harris.  She had a presence that was bold and courageous and when she opened her mouth and sang, the passion in her words was palpable.  Ms. Harris sang the same songs with us that she sang as she marched for her rights alongside her family and friends.  To be led in song by her was a privilege.  I could feel God in her presence and through her songs.  I have encountered few who have inspired my faith more than this amazing Christian woman.  Rutha was joined in song by our tour guide Debra Berry.  Debra had an amazing voice and a beautiful soul.  Following the tour, a few of us gathered to listen to her story in the gift shop and she told us that she has struggled to be faithful to God.  She stated that when our group entered the museum she felt a harmony among us and a peace and it restored her hope that God is reigning over the world today.  She said the rope of her faith is rising higher and she was worried that soon it would be out of her reach.  She then told us that the harmony and beauty she saw in our group today helped her to grab onto that rope, and grab onto her faith again.  A few of us Messiah students and faculty had the privilege of praying in a group with Ms. Berry and it was an emotional experience.  It is impossible to tell the struggles others face, but this day was a great reminder to be faithful and to love on others with no restrictions.  Please pray for Ms. Debra Berry and for all others who have a dwindling faith and need a revival.

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    Grabbing the Rope at 2021 Civil Rights Tour

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    Grabbing the Rope at 2021 Civil Rights Tour

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