Day 2 Atlanta, GA ( Jocelyn Chavous)

June 12th, 2016


Reflecting on all that I’ve seen and heard today, from the MLK Center to hearing Juanita Abernathy speak, one question continues to surface to the forefront of my mind.

“Where is our Martin Luther King Jr. today?”

Dr. King was truly an extraordinary orator, pastor and leader. I have never seen or heard anyone so charismatic and passionate as that man. Without a doubt in my mind, he is unparalleled. So thinking about it now, my initial question seems irrelevant since I believe there can never be anyone like Dr. King.

But, why do I still hope for a man to rise up and instill the same teachings of peace, love and justice to this world today? Why do I need some sort of prophet to follow?

Dr. King was a man who won the hearts and trust of many. He was unwavering in his pursuit of freedom and happiness and stared at the harsh realities of this world and the possibility of death everyday as he worked in the Civil Rights Movement.

Despite his ability to reach thousands and travel to a higher place of understanding, wisdom, and peace he was still human.

And realizing his humanity, he could stand in front of his followers and acknowledge his own mortality while resting in God’s immortality.

Dr. King understood that leaders fall. Man will inevitably perish, but the everlasting Father in Heaven will forever remain.

I believe that we do not have to go seeking a new prophet. Man will fail. Yet, the greatest prophet of them all already came and died for our sins. Jesus was the only perfect prophet and Son of God who completed the work that needed to be done through his death.

That being said, as his followers we are given a charge to continue a work that was started and completed on the cross. We do not need to be told what we should do. We already know what to do because of the instructions in the Bible, Christ’s teachings and through the Holy Spirit that resides in us.

As followers of Christ, I don’t think we need to wait on someone to try and inspire us to make a change. Of course we need strong Christian  leaders in this world, but at the same time, being a Christian alone should individually inspire us to make a change in whatever way we can in the places we are currently at.

We have to be leaders for Christ. That is what Dr. King was. With his faith and Christianity as his backbone, he took every blow, every obstacle, every threat and could not be brought to his knees unless it was for prayer. His faith in God’s character and love for his children is what motivated him to do all the things he did.

That’s why it is encouraging to know that the same God that inspired Dr. King should be the same God who inspires us to make a difference.










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