From 2014 trip

June 15th, 2014

It’s Sheryl on day 8 (6/14/14). We are winding down this 9-day civil rights tour with just one more day to go. Like most trips people take, you look forward to getting home but also can’t believe that the time is already over and wish in some way that the days could continue. I’m ready to get home, though. I’ve loved the hotels that I’ve stayed in, enjoyed the food (and learned how to survive on less coffee, chocolate and ice cream than I thought possible), and have adapted to my 2 bus seats well, but all that said, there’s a household full of people ready for me to come home who I am ready to see.

As we start heading back north – via the west after a “quick” stop in Little Rock, AK yesterday, we visited Little Rock Central High School, where the historical Little Rock Nine group of black students integrated an all-white high school in 1957. Last January Messiah College was fortunate to host one of the Little Rock Nine students, Terrence Roberts. Because of his visit I was already somewhat aware of the story behind the Little Rock controversy and the daily struggles these 9 students and their families endured for desegregation.

Today, by way of Nashville, TN, we enjoyed a guided walking and bus tour of where the Freedom Riders formed and where violent historic lunch counter story incidents occurred (sit-ins). We also visited the campus of Fisk University. Pretty campus, full of black history with many alumnae that were involved in – and led – the civil rights movement.

I have to admit that I’m glad the tour is winding down. My brain can’t take any more history. I am on overload. I need time to process what I’ve already learned. I can handle one more day, though.

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