The Right to Vote

June 13th, 2014

Day 4 (June10th)Today we travel the roads that led to the right to vote from Selma to Mongomery. This ride was 54 miles. Could you imagine walking 54 miles? How would your feet feel? How would your body feel? Where would you stop to rest along the way?They marched 10 – 12 miles a day.We walked across the Edmund Petis Bridge today. Myself and a fellow individual on the trip lead the way. I happened to be wearing my superman shirt that day. I truly believe the men women and children who walked the bridge on “Bloody Sunday” and “Turn around Tuesday” were super heroes. They stood against injustice and fought a battle to show people everywhere we all deserve equal rights. Yet the right to vote was still being denied even though it was given ┬áin 1870 to citizens. This March took place in 1965, almost 100 years after the right to vote was given. Our tour was given by a once little girl who walked on “Bloody Sunday” across the Edmund Petis bridge. This was a heavy day. My mind could not grasp all of the injustices and cruelties that took place in this city.

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