Sit Where?

June 13th, 2014
Day 3 (June 9th)
Back on the bus. Today I was offered a seat closer to the front of the bus. One of my colleagues asked if I wanted to switch seats. This is significant because as I reflect on the facts of the times before the movement I would not have been able to accept the offer. Why? Based on the place my colleague was sitting on a city bus I would have been on the wrong part of the bus. There would have been a signs that said white and colored. Even the seat colors and hand rails would help to reinforce the reality of my inability to choose. I am so very thankful that today the choice was mine. No sign dictated my section or the actions I was to take. I had freedom to chose and the ability to decide for myself. What a gift this is choice. At times I can be a little indecisive about some decisions this trip is helping me reflect on my need to be firm in my decision and continue to have an awareness of the reality that a true since of the word choice was not always an option. I am thankful that I have no cage on my mind but the ability to read, imagine, dream, and seek for what is right.
A privilege was granted to me today. I was able to meet a “Freedom Singer” Ms. Rutha Mae Harris. Not only did she speak with us but she sang the songs of the movement. I found myself closing my eyes, singing and imagining I was there in the church in a meeting as the songs were sang to gear up for another day. For me she made history come alive. She sang “Hold my hand” I imagined myself marching across the Edmund Pettis Bridge with thousands of others it brought tears to my eyes. I knew many of the songs and was able to catch on to the changes because they were songs we sang in church. The lyrics were changed for the occasion. Some may view this a sacraligious. I personally view it as a powerful artistic statement because it allows the words of familiar songs to be used as fuel for the movement. As we sang today I felt ready to take on the challenges of or present days. What gives you the energy and determination to keep going in the pursuit of change?

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