From 2014 trip

June 11th, 2014

Sheryl on day 3 (June 9)…Boy it’s hot down south! Thank you to the inventor of air conditioning on days like this. But today as I’ve walked into historic churches only to see enormous fans that were used to cool their congregations (I wonder if they really worked or it they just blew the hot air around); to see video footage and pictures of women fanning themselves with little hand-held fans; I need to remember that something as simple as air conditioning is a luxury that I have always had…. either because my family was fortunate enough to have it or simple because its a privilege we ” white people” never had to suffer without.


We did spend another day in and out of the air conditioning…. on and off of the bus. And speaking of the bus, we learned a lot today about the bus protests/boycotts – what Mrs. Rosa Parks did (or didn’t do). I always heard her story, but today I really ‘heard’ her story. I have a super-distant memory of Mrs. Parks visiting my elementary school in Pennsylvania. I think I may have been in 2nd or 3rd grade. I remember her being in my classroom and all I remember is that she was the famous black lady from the bus. Even though she was real and in person then (back in the late-70s), she’s more real to me now. Although it’s been, like, 38 years since 2nd or 3rd grade, I’m glad I’m finally learning about her legacy. As they say… Better late than never, right?

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