World Finals – Day Two

Tuesday was the Dress Rehearsal. It was basically a practice contest, but it was important in the sense that it gave everyone an idea of what to expect tomorrow, where they needed to go, and what they were or were not allowed to take with them into the contest arena.

The dress rehearsal was a 2-hour contest featuring problems that were used in previous world finals contests. So the score didn’t matter. Messiah College got one problem correct, and the team wished they had more time to work on some of the other problems. But the point was to get used to the environment and work out any technical problems. It seemed to go smoothly.

The Messiah team is retiring early tonight to be well rested for the contest tomorrow. Follow along live at tomorrow morning, starting around 5:30 AM Pennsylvania time. Also, check out for photos and videos of the event being captured by the contest organizers.

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