Redefining Investment Strategy Education Conference – by Matt Meads

April 11th, 2014

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to attend the RISE conference (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) hosted by the University of Dayton. My ability to attend this conference was largely due to the generous support of SGA’s Professional Development Grant which helped pay for some of my expenses. While attending the three day conference I had the ability to listen to several great speakers, sit in on various panel discussions, and speak with other students and professionals about many hot topics surrounding today’s world of investments. I was also there as a representative for the Messiah College Investment Club, which is a club on campus that actively manages a portfolio valued over $200,000.   

Having this experience was very influential in my learning at Messiah College. Striving to work in money management, this opportunity allowed me to take my education to the next step. With incredible guest speakers such as the Head of Cleveland’s Federal Reserve, Sandra Pianalto, and host of the CNBC show “Mad Money”, Jim Cramer, I was able to learn so much.

I also had the unique chance to talk one on one with many professionals that were only several years out of college but already becoming very successful in their line of work. Through these interactions I was able to ask for advice and tips on what things I can currently be doing to better prepare myself for working in money management.

On the last night of the conference, I attended a networking event where I was able to speak with other student investment managers about how their clubs functioned and ways to improve the club for everyone.

This conference was extremely beneficial to my professional development. It has greatly increase my confidence in myself as a student investment manager, provided me with investment knowledge I couldn’t have learned elsewhere and given me ideas on what I can do next to get to reach my goals. I am so grateful to have had this experience and am very thankful for Messiah’s willingness in supporting my goals and helping me further my education.

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