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The Legacy of Joseph Barnabas in Cyprus

Paul's mentor and missionary traveling companion

On our way home

December 20th, 2011

This Venetian bridge is located deep in the Troodos Mountains. The site is very pleasant--one of our favorite places. Being there is one of the fond memories we will cherish.

Tonight, Dec. 21, we leave Nicosia at 1:00 AM for the airport at Larnaca for a 4:00 AM Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. After a six-hour layover in Frankfurt, we fly to Philadelphia. After a two-hour layover there, we fly to Harrisburg and will arrive about 6:15 PM–still the same day. It is interesting how long the days can be when you are flying west.

We will be very tired but happy to be home. It will be good to see family and friends.

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