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The Legacy of Joseph Barnabas in Cyprus

Paul's mentor and missionary traveling companion

History and Ecology

December 13th, 2011

Tonight we are staying in Limassol, guests of an 82 year old man who has more stories than most anyone we have ever met. He was part of the Cypriot resistance against British rule in the 1950s. We found out more today just how involved he was. For me, one of the interesting developments in his life is that he became a pacifist. He does not believe that there is a just war. He now believes that the Cypriot violent resistance was wrong–that things could have been solved politically.

Although long retired, by training he is a horticulturalist; and he is a very active environmentalist. He also is involved in human rights issues. Cyprus has a terrible problem with human trafficking, especially in Asian women. This morning, he helped to win a court case for two Vietnamese women who were brought to the island under false pretenses by a Vietnamese company.

The women escaped. They heard about our friend and contacted him. He provided assistance. Today the women won a large court settlement, and the Vietnamese company is banned from ever doing any more business in Cyprus. Sometimes evil is punished.

Tomorrow, we will go into the Troodos Mountains. We will see some ancient churches, learn a lot about botany, and enjoy spending time with a man who is a gold mine of experience. We will enjoy listening to more stories.

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