Today’s spotlight is Lyndsay Feather!
Lyndsay is the Student Sustainability Coordinator – “In my role I get to work closely with Brandon to manage all the different projects of the office. This year I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of really cool things, like helping to coordinate a variety of events, working on a proposal to SGA and the President’s cabinet for funding for the College’s Green Revolving Fund, planning for a new office structure, attending the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) conference, and sitting on the College’s sustainability strategic planning committee. I’m so thankful to have this fun position that has such a positive impact on campus!”
Lyndsay’s favorite food is Pad See Ew (a Thai noodle dish), or roasted beets!
A Fun Fact about Lyndsay: “One time I got to harvest coffee in the mountains of Thailand with a some Lahu villagers and it was the freshest air I’ve breathed in my whole life and one of my favorite experiences ever!”
Lyndsay’s Goal/Ambition: “I’ve been working with Dr. Foster, professor of biology and environmental science, to begin establishing a “food forest” for campus. It will be housed in the Rider-Musser development project at Oakwood Hills, just across the street from campus, and contain a variety of native fruit species of many different forest layers. It’s really a huge undertaking, since forests take many years to establish, but my goal is to have the project started and a detailed plan of next steps to ensure the project’s future success. I’m so excited to leave this legacy on campus, and to come back in future years to see students taking ownership of it and making it better and better.”
Make sure to say “hello!” when you see Lyndsay in the office or out in the garden!

Here is Lyndsay sorting seeds!

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