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Messiah College appoints its first full-time sustainability coordinator

June 30th, 2011

Following a successful year of effectively leading a Sustainability Committee comprised of students, faculty and staff as well as implementing several new campuswide creation care initiatives, Craig Dalen has been appointed Messiah College’s first full-time sustainability coordinator. (During the 2010-2011 academic year, Dalen served in this role on a part-time basis.)

“This is an exciting time for the college.  Students want to see our commitments to sustainability lived out in all aspects of the college, and we are currently at a place where we are experiencing integration from all areas of the institution: from student engagement, academics and operations.”

As sustainability coordinator, Dalen will direct various projects on campus and think about how to leverage resources and partnerships from a triple bottom line perspective—taking into account the ecologic, economic and social impact. In 2007, Messiah College President Kim S. Phipps signed the American College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment which committed Messiah to inventory all greenhouse gas emissions, create concrete plans to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately to operate as a carbon-neutral campus. In addition, simple living and creation care are deeply rooted in Messiah’s Brethren in Christ heritage and motivate the college to embrace environmental stewardship as a core commitment.

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