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Messiah launches new academic year with the addition of five majors and two minors

September 20th, 2010

Messiah students can now select from five new majors:  a five-year biopsychology/occupational therapy; child and family services; nutrition and food services management; peace and conflicts studies; and sustainability studies. The two new minors are in dance and sustainability studies.

A bit more about each of the majors:

Biopsychology (B.S.)/MSOT in Occupational Therapy
This five-year program provides students with a BS in Biopsychology from Messiah College and a Masters of Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University.  Students complete three years of study at Messiah College and 2 years of study at Thomas Jefferson.

Child and Family Services (B.A.)
This major is a degree completion option for students already in the child care field with some college credits who desire to complete a degree in an associated major.  We designed this major specifically to address this need for more qualified early childhood service providers. This major is only available to non-traditional students who are part of the PA TEACH Program.

Nutrition and Food Services Management (B.A.)
The Nutrition and Food Service Management Major is designed to prepare students to manage institutional and business settings related to nutritional and food service. Potential employment setting for student in this major include institutional food service (nursing homes, hospitals, schools) as well as food companies and small businesses related to nutrition and food. Students study the nutrient needs and challenges for people of all ages, food preparation, quantity food production, management, and marketing. All students in this major complete an internship experience in institutional food service or a food business. This major does not satisfy CADE academic requirements.

Peace and Conflicts Studies (B.A.)
This is an interdisciplinary major based on three core disciplines of Biblical and Religious Studies; History; and Sociology. The primary focus of this major is to help students understand and appreciate the Christian foundations for peacemaking/reconciliation; to understand the nature of conflict and approaches to resolving conflict; to understand the relationship of justice to peacemaking, and to become actively involved in peacemaking, conflict resolution, and reconciliation. This major enables students to pursue careers and graduate study in peace and conflict studies.

Sustainability Studies Major (B.A.)
This is an interdisciplinary major in an emerging field for those determined to make a practical difference in the world as students and beyond. It combines elements of the social sciences, politics, environmental sciences and community development in both urban and rural settings. Students completing this major will have the theoretical basis, skills, and experience needed to enhance the environmental, economic and social sustainability of human populations as part of God’s Creation. This major replaces the Environmental Studies (B.A.) major. It offers 3 concentrations:

Community and Urban Development Concentration
Sustainable Agriculture Concentration
Sustainability Public Policy Concentration

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