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Messiah contributes to local arts community

August 4th, 2009

Central PA magazine, the publication of local public television station WITF, devotes much of its August issue to the arts in the capital region. In the feature story, the magazine profiles five talented creators and performers under the age of 25. Included in this prestigious group is David O’Donnell, a 2008 graduate, who is performing his sixth operatic role in Belgium as John Brook in “Little Women.”

Read “Reaching for the stars.”

In addition, a story about how arts and culture programs are faring at colleges and universities in light of the recession extensively quotes both Richard Roberson, dean of the School of the Arts, and Jeff Rioux, director of the Larsen Student Union. Both contributed to the conversation about the need for the arts, especially during times of national economic turmoil.

“A college is incomplete without the arts,” says Roberson. “The arts are part of what it is to be human. They’re part of the way we understand and interpret he world that’s around us. To not have them on the college campus, it wouldn’t be a real college any more.”

The article, “A commitment to culture,” is not available online.

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