Pennsylvania Association of Family and Consumer Sciences by Sara GaNung

April 14th, 2014

The Pennsylvania Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (PAFCS) is an association created with the purpose to improve the quality and standards of individual and family life through programs that educate, influence public policy, disseminate information and publish research findings. This association firmly supports professionals who strive to achieve their purpose as leaders in their communities.

At the 90th PAFCS Conference, I was provided with multiple tools and opportunities to advance my future profession and achieve the goal of enriching my students and community with the purposes of PAFCS. At the conference I was able to attend sessions that provided me with information for teaching strategies, lesson planning and opportunities to provide my students. It was great to be surrounded by professionals who enjoyed Family and Consumer Sciences and have the same passion for teaching as I do during each session and event during the conference.

My favorite part of the conference was networking. Even though I am still a year out from entering the work force, I gained multiple connections with not only educators but businesses that are connected to my field of study. For example, I connected with a representative from RealityWorks, who provides baby stimulators for FCS teachers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. He is able to get me connected to FCS teachers in all of those states, and provided me with opportunities to be able to provide this baby stimulator for my future students. Attending this conference broadened my horizons as a future FCS educator, provided me with opportunities to connect with future job possibilities and introduced me to new ideas to incorporate into my classroom one day.

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