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Finals week flapjacks

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Students enjoy finals break

Finals Week means that plenty of students are burning the midnight oil in an attempt to ace exams, complete projects, finish papers, and put a celebratory exclamation point at the end of another busy semester.
Recognizing that sleep and nutrition often fall to the wayside during a busy Finals Week, the kind folks in dining services began offering a free, late night breakfast to hard-working students as a way to fill their grumbling tummies and lift their weary spirits. The pancake idea is relatively new, but dining services has been thoughtfully providing exam breaks for more than 10 years.


Tuesday evening at Messiah saw rivals in both athletic and political arenas

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Following a 2-1 victory in men’s soccer over Lycoming College on a damp Tuesday evening, Messiah students began trickling into the Larsen Student Union in earnest to watch the presidential election returns. The news coverage was visible on the big screen, and an historic win by the Democratic candidate Barack Obama over Republican John McCain appeared to loom ever larger as Pennsylvania and Ohio conceded their electoral votes to Obama. (more…)

Fred Barnes lecture leads week focused on seeking common ground in the public square

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Fred BarnesThe national presidential campaign is in full swing, amid much debate, airing of closely-held ideals, and attempts to sway public opinion. Messiah College views this often polarized atmosphere as an opportunity to live out an important part of the College’s mission: “…to educate men and women toward maturity…in preparation for lives of…reconciliation in church and society.” During the College-sponsored Civil Dialogue Focus Week, Messiah’s Office of Student Affairs is encouraging students, faculty, and staff to seek common ground and engage in hospitable conversation on controversial topics. (more…)