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Alum builds a legacy of innovation through Web, architecture

During his first year at Messiah, Kevin Langdon ’01 hit the ground running. In addition to his studies, he developed online calendaring software for nonprofit organizations. And he didn’t stop there.

“The summer of my sophomore year, I worked as the Messiah College webmaster,” Langdon said, “and in my junior year I became a partner at D2 Media.” Now renamed andCulture, the Harrisburg marketing business specializes in corporate videos, commercials and motion graphics. During his latter years at Messiah, he diligently moved forward on the path to success. While most students struggle with “senioritis” during their final year in college, Langdon had the opposite problem. “By my senior year, I had married Megan Dietz ’00, moved off campus and was working more than 60 hours a week.”

Since graduation, Langdon has gone on to become the founder, partner or president of four additional companies. One of his most notable successes was oobgolf, co-founded with Andrew Brown ’04 in 2006. The website, which they later sold to SkyGolf, became a leading online stat tracking site in golf. He is currently working as a consultant with Miramax, Comcast and Mapquest designing new iPhone applications.

His education helped pave the way for his many ventures. “The Messiah College computer science program was incredible,” he said. “Most importantly, Messiah introduced me to many other students who later worked with me on some great projects.”

In 2011, he decided to switch from virtual construction to actual architecture. “I decided to take the next two years off and learn how to build a house,” he said. In light of the ever-changing online world, he predicts the house will be the only project of his that is still around in 20 years. “It was incredibly fulfilling to build something you could actually touch. And, for the first time, my kids actually understood what dad was working on each day.”

Langdon attributes his success to his wife. “She is my most important business partner and deserves as much credit as myself when one of my crazy ideas actually works,” he said. They currently live in the woods outside of Milton, Pa., with their three sons.

Story by  Rose Talbot ’16.

This story originally appeared in the fall 2013 Bridge magazine.

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