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Tuesday evening at Messiah saw rivals in both athletic and political arenas

Following a 2-1 victory in men’s soccer over Lycoming College on a damp Tuesday evening, Messiah students began trickling into the Larsen Student Union in earnest to watch the presidential election returns. The news coverage was visible on the big screen, and an historic win by the Democratic candidate Barack Obama over Republican John McCain appeared to loom ever larger as Pennsylvania and Ohio conceded their electoral votes to Obama.The local affiliate for CBS News dropped in to interview some of the students for their take on the political contest. By 9pm, a serious game of political trivia had broken out, and there were soon more winners (and perhaps a few, ahem, “second place” finishers). Snapshots capture some of the moments, but, as always, you probably had to be there to fully appreciate the joys and sorrows that accompany competition.

Now, with the “minor distraction” of a presidential election behind us, we can concentrate on what’s truly important this November — Messiah’s fall championship athletics!

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