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Finals week flapjacks

Students enjoy finals break

Finals Week means that plenty of students are burning the midnight oil in an attempt to ace exams, complete projects, finish papers, and put a celebratory exclamation point at the end of another busy semester.
Recognizing that sleep and nutrition often fall to the wayside during a busy Finals Week, the kind folks in dining services began offering a free, late night breakfast to hard-working students as a way to fill their grumbling tummies and lift their weary spirits. The pancake idea is relatively new, but dining services has been thoughtfully providing exam breaks for more than 10 years.

In December and May, a dozen or so college employees don aprons and help serve the meal to students. Students appreciate the break, and are especially thrilled to see President Kim Phipps and her husband Kelly happily flipping flapjacks.
According to Larry Dove, manager of dining services, the students love the event. Consider these numbers as proof: last December, 850 students attended the late night breakfast and consumed 2,304 pancakes!
In preparation for that number of students, the dining services teamed pre-orders 10 gallons of maple syrup!
And, as you might expect, pancakes aren’t the only popular item. Plenty of students find their spirits are equally buoyed by the selection of fair trade, organic, and, most importantly, caffeinated coffee.

Photography courtesy of Rebecca Wood`12.

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