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At the crossroads of faith and purpose

Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas `06 had already lived in five Middle Eastern countries by the time he was a teenager.

Before the start of his tenth grade year, his parents encouraged him to complete high school in the United States; they hoped he would attend an American college and thought having a few years to adjust to the culture would be helpful.

At first, Anthony struggled to fit in at the rural high school in Dayton where he enrolled. Two years later he would face some of those same struggles at Messiah College.

But, through a relationship with an unlikely mentor at Messiah, Anthony came to know that “God is real” and turned his life around. He ended up having a transformational experience at Messiah.

In October 2009, Anthony talked with Naomi Greene of NPR’s StoryCorp about his experiences.

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Editor’s note: Since the recording of this podcast, Anthony and his wife Jessica are living in New York City; Anthony works in the development office at New York University.

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