Finally Finals

Hey guys! Last week before finals!

Make sure you look at your finals schedule. Friday is the last day of traditional classes of the semester!

Theatre and Dance Presents…

Messiah’s Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to conclude the 2018 Fall Series this weekend with the premieres of original productions “Dear Gd” and “Born to Die”. If interested, go to the Poorman Black Box Theater at 8pm this Friday Dec. 14th, and Saturday, Dec. 15th, for an evening of entertainment, created and performed by Department seniors.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the Tickets Office, or online at


Keys_50596a6f-e305-4fd0-b434-3d78647c3825When should I return my mailbox key?

-if you are graduating in December

-withdrawing from Messiah College


-medical leave

If you need to return your mailbox key, envelopes are available to fill out and enclose your key at the Campus Post Office.


The Campus Store-Last Day!

Select merchandise on sale 25% off Dec. 11-13. Shop before exams. There’s something here for everyone on your Christmas


If you are returning to campus for J-Term, you First Class mail only will be distributed to your Messiah mailbox during break and will be in your box when you return. If you are going on a trip for J-Term, you must inform the Messiah College Post Office that you will not be here so they can forward your mail to you. If you are going on a Spring trip, you need to let the post office know then, as well.




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